Upload Game Data

Congratulations on Tracing your first game!

Now that the final whistle has blown, it's time to upload data. If you are still on the field, remember to complete your final Video Sync and collect all Tracers. If you have already completed this, you are ready to upload!

How do I start the uploading process?


Step 1. Double check that all your Tracers have been returned to your Trace Case. Once this is done, you can press the right-most button, or stop symbol, on your Trace Case. This feature will stop all data recording. You will know recording has ended when your Tracers stop blinking.



Step 2. Connect your Trace Case to a battery source. This will allow your Tracers to charge as data is uploaded.



Step 3. Plug in your Trace Cam to the USB ports in the upper righthand corner of your Trace Case. You will know your Trace Cam is connected when the camera screens turns on. 



Step 4. Press the black upload button in the top corner of your Trace Case. This will begin data upload.

If this is your first time uploading a game, make sure to connect your Trace Case to wifi. Learn how to connect to wifi here.


Step 5. Wait for data to upload. You will know data upload is finished when all three lights next to the data upload button appear solid green.


First light (data): The leftmost light will indicate the Trace Case is extracting data from the sensors. 

Second light (wifi): The middle light will signify there is a wifi connection.   

Third light (upload): This rightmost light will blink while Tracer data is being sent to the cloud.


Step 6.  After data upload has finished, your video playlists and performance analytics will be available soon. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email containing a link to your most recent games!

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