Prevent Injury

Why use Trace Performance Analytics?

Understanding and preventing Injury is essential to player development. That’s why we partnered with the Under Armour Performance team to observe why and when an athlete may be most susceptible to injury.


From this collaboration, we noticed a trend emerging--after hard play, the average player may have around 60-70% stamina remaining at the end of each half. This value comes from the number of times that athlete has sustained their fastest speed for at least one second--commonly referred to as 'max efforts', in addition to the distance that an athlete has covered, their top speed, and total minutes played


What is the danger zone for stamina?

When stamina drops below 60%, a correlation with an increase in fatigue may emerge. To best prevent injury, coaches can pay attention to this metric over time as they develop training and conditioning methodologies.


How do I use my stamina information?

Maybe a coach notices that a few of their players had less than optimal stamina remaining in their last few games. Some of these athletes may have also experienced muscle strain or injury. A coach might ask questions that address the increased fatigue:


Could the previous day’s workout have been less strenuous?

Do my athletes need more diet and rest?

At what point in the game do different athletes hit their danger zone for stamina?

Is the hectic game schedule taxing some players more than others?


Ultimately, Trace performance metrics can be a useful source of data to better understand the tendencies of their athletes, approach game situations with a holistic lens, and reduce the risk of injury.

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