What is "No Data Found"?

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  • So you've Traced your game and looked at the results, but your Tracer is missing data. What happened?

    1. Are you sure you uploaded all your Tracer data?  A bad connection with your Trace case can result in a Tracer not connecting and/or uploading properly.

    2. Your Tracer turned off during gameplay due to the power button being pressed accidentally. 

    3. Your Tracer turned off during gameplay due to the battery running out. Make sure you charge all your Tracers completely between games. 

    Feel free to contact us at q@traceup.com and we will help you figure out what happened to your data.

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    • TRACE-BOT Add another, your equipment was defective, and if your product worked as advertised, it would have been discovered after the first match. On top of it,  you don't stand by your product. 

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    • Hi Frank B. Shaeffer 

      Thank you for writing in.

      We know that not getting data can be frustrating.  We film and process games for thousands of players on a weekly basis. We know that behind the data are real people - kids, parents, and family members - who depend on us to deliver on the promise of our product. 

      Unfortunately, sometimes things don't work out. Whether it is faulty equipment, forgetting to turn sensors on, or just bad luck - sometimes people don't get their results, and that is just as frustrating to us as it is for you. We want every person to have a good experience. 

      Our customer service team & developers work literally 7 days a week to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible. On behalf of the whole Trace family, I am sorry that you do not feel like we are living up to the promise we made to you.

      We informed your team manager that some Tracer data is not present for this game. However, the full game footage is available for everyone to download at no cost. 

      We work closely with any client that is not 100% satisfied, and we will always issue a full refund if the team does not want to proceed with Trace.  The only thing that we cannot do is issue individual refunds to parents. We can only issue a refund to the client who purchased our services.

      In your case, the "client" is the team manager. We can only issue a refund to him/her. Please, have this conversation as a team and come back to us with how you would like to proceed.

      If you have any more feedback please reach out to me personally:

      I hope to hear from your team manager soon about how you would like to proceed.


      Ron Kurti
      VP Product

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  • My daughter Yasmin Azar had no data found and I only see 37 seconds of the game? Why? 

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  • Hi Sonia,


    I'm really sorry to hear that your daughter's data was not found. Please see the three reasons above as the most likely answer.


    You're likely looking at a clip, which is why you're only looking at part of the game. Please see this article on more information on how to navigate playlists: https://q.traceup.com/t/y7jf39/navigate-your-trace-game-results

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  • Thank you for your response. The first I recieved, after several attempts. I will have the Team Manager contact you for a refund. I am only asking that I receive back the portion that I paid for the service. As for the full game footage, as you must know, because of the camera used, and its perspective, it's nearly worthless. Ty

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