Tracing a Game



  1. Equipment check 
  2. Hand out Tracers
  3.  Set up your game in Trace Teams App
  4. Start Trace Cam

During the Game

  1. Take Coach Notes
  2. Finish Metadata

After the Game

  1. Collect Tracers
  2. Stop Trace Cam
  3. Upload Videos and Tracer Data



1. Equipment check  

Make sure to charge your Trace Case and Trace Cam fully before game day. We recommend charging overnight to ensure your equipment is ready when you are. 


2. Hand out Tracers


Step 1. Hand out Tracers 15-min before game time. Each player should already be assigned a Tracer number to wear for this game. If you haven't assigned any Tracers, learn how to create a roster

Step 2. Press the "record data" button on your Trace Case to turn on all your Tracers. Each Tracer should blink red. This means it's recording.

[add button]

* If not all Tracers are recording try to manually turn on a Tracer by holding the on/off button for 2-seconds if needed. 

3. Set up your game in Trace Teams app

Step 1. Open up your Trace Teams app and select "Trace a New Game"


Step 2. Input your opponent's team name,  start time and date of your game, half length, and camera type. 


Step 3. When you are done, tap the metadata button on the far righthand side to input the jersey color of each team.  


This tab is where keep track of the number of total goals scored.

Step 5. At the bottom of the metadata page, input your Tracer case ID, and Camera case ID, before the game is done.  This way, TRACE-BOT can quickly edit your footage after the game is done.   


4. Set up Trace Cam

Step 1.  Set up your Trace Cam on the side of the field that faces the field in the same direction as the sub to avoid player silhouetting.

Step 2. Place your high-pod 15 feet from the centerfield line.

Step 3. Stabilize the base of your highpod with sand bags. 

Step 4.  Consider establishing a periphery around your Trace Cam, or putting up signs that notify passersby that it is filming.

Step 5. Place and secure camera on tripod. 

Step 6.  Five minutes before the game begins turn the cameras on by connecing the camera usb cables to the battery pack.

Step 7.  Press the record (top) button on each camera. Double check that each is recording by seeing if a red circle is flashing on the screen. 

Step 8.  Wait 15 seconds then Video Sync using the Trace Teams app on your phone. 

During the Game

5. Take Coach Notes

Step 1. Open the Trace Team App. 

Step 2. Click on the Coach Notes option.

Step 3. Hold down record and use your voice to annotate notes.

Step 4. TRACE-BOT will use your Coach Notes to stitch together a video playlist of important moments.

Learn more about Coach Notes here.

5.  Finish entering Metadata
Step 1. Input the final number of goals scored.

Step 2. Make sure that the info you entered on the info page is accurate.  

If your game started 15 minutes late, adjust the start time in the app.

After the Game

6. Collect Tracers

Step 1. Leave the case next to your bench so your player can drop their Tracers in their numbered spots. 

Step 2. Once all the Tracers have been collected, turn them off by pressing the stop button in the bottom right-hand corner of your Trace Case.

6. Stop Trace Cam

Step 1. Lower your tripod until you can easily reach your Trace Cam. 

Step 2. Video Sync your Trace Cam.

Step 3. Turn off Trace Cam by unplugging USB cords from the battery pack.

7. Upload Videos and Tracer Data

Step 1. Go back to your main office or somewhere with a fast internet connection.

Step 2. Make sure your Trace Case is plugged into a power source.

Step 3. Plug your Trace Cam into your Trace Case via USB ports. 

Step 4. Press the "Transfer" button in the top left corner of your Trace Case.  

[graphic of dashboard lights]

Step 4. Understand your dashboard lights:

  • Data collection: The leftmost light will indicate the Trace Case is extracting data from the sensors. This light will stop blinking and become a solid green upon completion.
  • Wifi connection: The middle light will signify there is a wifi connection.  
  • Uploading data: This rightmost light will blink while Tracer data is sending to the cloud.

Step 5. Uploading of video and data takes, on average, 3 hours on a fast internet connection. You can leave your case alone during this time and come back later. 

As soon as your data has been processed, an email from TRACE-BOT will appear in your inbox. Keep an eye out for your Trace results!

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